Pistonlu Enjeksiyon Makinası DM-PEM 100

Piston Type Cement Injection Machine
DM-PEM 100

DM - PEM 100 Double Boiler cement injection machine with zero maintenance cost, which uses hydraulic propulsion to pump the grout. Its double boiler design  allows the mixture to be stored before getting pumped in one of the boilers while the other boiler is mixing the materials; so it can provide a continuous pump. In  addition to operations such as cement flooring and grouting, reinforced concrete constructions, anchorage, etc. it is possible to mix and pump other materials with  similar viscosity. High hydraulic oil capacity and water-cooling of the stored oil let the machine work even in excessively heated or in non-ventilated environments without any loss in performance. The thrust power of the piston can change between 6 and 20 tons depending on the needs of the customer. With titanium and  chrome coated cylinder wall options, the machine can be used with sand and other kinds of corrosive materials. High pumping flow-rate, low hydraulic pressure,  low piston frequency, and a valve system that doesn’t require maintenance not only provides a high safety for the operator, but also lengthens the life of the  machine. All the electrical components used on the machine are supplied by Siemens and all the hydraulic components are supplied by Rexroth. It has variable nozzle sizes between 1,8 and 2,2 inches and an injection power up to 100 bars. With ease of use and cleaning, high operator safety and worksite security PEM100  is a must-have in your equipment pool.

DM-PEM 100 Technical Specifications

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