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Cement Incection Machine Wiht Bolier

DM - KEM 40 Cement injection machine with boiler, used for injection pumping  liquid calcium based chemicals with high density and low viscosity such as  cement, plaster mixtures, stucco and grout in vertical or horizontal positions  at high pressures. It is a perfect solution for the reparation stabilization and  strengthening of the constructions such as bridges, buildings and dams; and also  for operations such as anchorage filling, cement flooring and grouting, pumping  cement, plaster, lime or other solutions towards or upwards construction areas,  clay pumping or transferring, tunneling, precast unit productions etc. With its  integral mixer and a section for water intake, it is easy to prepare the mixture  with the proportions you want. The mixture in the boiler is transferred to the  operation area by a hose; and according to the needs of the customer, the nozzles  of the hose can easily be changed with different ones. All the parts that were in  contact with the mixture can be washed afterwards and they all are corrosion  resistant. Double sealed water and dust resistant electrical panel provides safety  to the operator, which is very crucial at worksite environments. Phase sequence  protection, high and low voltage protection, high current flow protection and  thermal protection are some of the many other safety features. Due to the ease  of spare part replacement, it doesn’t require any qualified personnel or doesn’t  need any calibration or adjustment to be done afterwards. It can be used in low  ceilinged and narrow spaces because of its compact design. With high quality spare parts at affordable prices, KEM 40 is a must-have in your equipment pool.

Technical Specifications

DM-KEM 40 Spare Parts