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Harç Karma Makinası DM-HKM 200

Refractory Mortal DM-HKM 500

DM – HKM 500 is a powerful and durable mixer for preparing  refractory grouts, mortar and other mixtures of construction  materials. Hardened mixing boiler and mixer blades make  working with refractory concrete and other corrosive materials possible. Asymmetrically located blades provide perfect mixing capability and extra balance by preventing vibration. The machine can be used for composing both wet and dry mixtures, with any size of aggregates or fibers. HKM 200 can also resist the stiffness of the putty materials or high plastic consistency of concrete mixtures due to its high torque gearbox. Water resistant electrical motor, gearbox, and other electrical components provide maximum safety to the operator and make the machine washable after being used. In addition to the features of HKM 200, HKM 500 has doublehinged doors on top with two proximity sensors, led lighting, auto water intake system and a more powerful motor.

DM-HKM 500 Technical Specifications