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Concrete Spraying Machine DM-BPM 400

DM – BPM 400 concrete spraying machines and systems designed by DENMAK MAKINA are a must-have in your equipment pool due to their low  price and low processing cost and ease of use. Due to its rotor structure, it is possible to use any commonly used shotcrete cements, refractory cements with aggregate sizes up to 0.8mm in diameter. By its advanced rotor geometry, hardened steel plates and special composite rubber plates it has less air and electricity consumption on operation than its competitors. Its specific oiling system lengthens the life of rubber discs by reducing mechanical wears and optimizes the operating costs. Double sealed water and dust resistant electrical panel provides safety to the operator, which is very crucial at worksite environments. Phase sequence protection, high and low voltage protection, high current flow protection and thermal protection are some of the many other safety features. Due to the ease of spare part replacement, it doesn’t require any qualified personnel or doesn’t need any calibration or adjustment to be done afterwards. It can be used in low ceilinged and narrow spaces because of its compact design.

DM-BPM 400 Technical Specifications

Concrete Spraying Machine DM-BPM 400 Product Usage Videos

DM-BPM 400 Spare Parts